Tighten And Tone Your Skin

Tighten And Tone Your Skin

Enjoy the benefits of cryotherapy in Little Falls, NY

Even with a healthy diet and frequent exercise, getting rid of love handles can feel impossible. You can give your body some extra help by scheduling cryotherapy at Body Siense Massage & Float Center.

Our local wellness center in Little Falls, NY will help you relax and feel your best as we use a specialized massager on your target areas. You'll experience a warming sensation followed by a cooling massage that will help make your skin tighter. Cryotherapy can be used wherever you want, such as the face, abdomen or legs. Learn more by calling us today.

Why choose cryotherapy?

There's more to cryotherapy treatment than making you feel good. The process can...

  • Freeze and destroy fat cells to help you lose weight
  • Tone and tighten up areas like love handles or double chins
  • Help reduce skin and muscle inflammation or irritation

Make an appointment for cryotherapy at our wellness center when you call 315-985-8556.